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Student Reviews

Check out a selection of our client reviews after they have come back from their language course abroad.


"I found my time in Japan to be most interesting. I found that even though I feel somewhat shy, the school was very comfortable for me to make loads of new friends, and I felt very welcome by the staff and team helping me through the course. I would recommend to any future students to go with the shared housing, as the best motivation can be fellow classmates to help you achieve your goals."

Calum from Perth
Fukuoka Japanese School, Japan


"The school was incredible and helpful in every possible way, not only did they help me with my language schools but they also gave me directions to places where I wanted to go, booked tickets for me and made restaurant recommendations. That was incredibly helpful in a huge city like Tokyo! 

The accommodation was also great, considering it was an "English immersion" house it meant everybody spoke a certain level of English, which helped when I couldn't communicate certain things in Japanese. As for BEST, I felt fully prepared and informed prior to my trip to Japan and that's all thanks to you. All of the necessary information was provided for me and more, which definitely calmed my nerves about going to Japan alone in the first place!"

Anna from Canberra
Tokyo Japanese School, Japan


"I enjoyed the classes in France and met a lot of nice people. My homestay also went well. Thank you for organising it all. I will definitely recommend your company to others."

Hamish from Adelaide          
Nice French School, France


"I recently spent 4 weeks in Shanghai studying Mandarin Chinese in order to achieve my Level 1 of the HSK Proficiency test. I chose to stay with a host family and it gave me a further and deeper insight of life in Shanghai.


Finding the school on my first day in Shanghai (I had arrived the night before) was an adventure but that is what learning a foreign language is all about; to get you out of your comfort zone. Registration at the school on the first day was painless, staff extremely friendly and the general atmosphere on the first morning a bit chaotic but to be expected. From then on, we all knew where we had to go, at what time etc. The school staff were very professional, friendly and helpful and willing to clarify any doubt or question students had at the end of classes.


My 4 weeks in Shanghai went way too quickly and, even if I was mentally exhausted by the end of it, I will definitely go back and try to complete Level 2 or more of the HSK proficiency test. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the educational and cultural experience provided by BEST Study International Network and look forward to seeing all the friends I left behind in Shanghai"
Ludgero from Adelaide
Shanghai Chinese School, China


“I really enjoyed my time at the school. The teachers were very supportive and friendly. The classes were quite relaxed and the teachers could have a laugh with students which made it a fun atmosphere.  The learning pace offered a good amount of challenge without being overwhelming. The school organises weekly social events and regular cultural outing that occur on the public holidays. You can participate in as much or as little as you like.

Studying full time for 12 months has enabled me to progress from ‘advanced beginner’ to ‘advanced intermediate’ level. I can now converse, read and write in Japanese. Basically this means that I can now navigate most day to day transactions."

Jordan from Adelaide
Fukuoka Japanese School, Japan


"I absolutely loved Tokyo! It's such an amazing and diverse city, it's impossible to be bored. The school was amazing. I met so many other great students from all over the place, and you couldn't find better Japanese teachers anywhere. I loved the cultural classes too, I went to a lot of places and did a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have thought to myself."

Melissa from New Zealand
Tokyo Japanese School, Japan

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