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Study Chinese in China

As the language of China; Australia's largest trading partner, source destination of international students, international investment and soon to be tourism, Mandarin Chinese is extremely influential across the world and already vitally important to learn for Australians. A quick question for you though, "How many Australians do you know that speak Mandarin well?"

The answer is often "not many."  Herein lies an opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge for your career and learn a valuable lifelong skill by learning Mandarin Chinese.

BEST has partnered in Beijing, Shanghai and locations across China such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Chengdu with the best Chinese school in China, recognised worldwide for its teaching standards, full-rounded and interactive curriculum, modern learning environment and accredited quality.

With a full range of Chinese language programs for beginners to advanced learners, modern accommodation options - including the opportunity to live in a local homestay family and a chance to take the HSK test at their registered testing centre, you can be sure you are getting the best Chinese language learning experience you can find.... and remember you can combine your language study with work experience too!


Chinese Language Programs & Prices

Available for all Chinese learners from total beginner to advanced, some courses available include:

Standard Chinese Course
20 lessons of group class Chinese a week focusing on the real-life Chinese skills or speaking and listening.
Tuition from: $290 to $415 a week

Comprehensive Chinese Course
The Standard program plus an extra 10 lessons of group class a week covering reading, writing and the history of Chinese characters.
Tuition from $390 to $550 a week

HSK Chinese or Business Chinese Program
Pass the HSK competency test or improve your business Chinese communication skills with these packaged programs that combine group classes with 5 private lessons a week.
Enquire for pricing

Private Tutoring
Dedicated 1-on-1 lessons allowing you to personalise your Chinese study program.
Enquire for pricing

Long-Term Course
Study Chinese full-time for 6 to 12 months for the complete full-immersion learning experience.
Enquire for pricing

Work Experience / Internship Program
Combine a Chinese language program with a 1-6 month work experience program.
(subject to meeting entry requirements)

Note: The tuition prices given on this website are in Australian dollars and may not include other minimal fees such as enrolment etc. The prices are approximate and subject to time and length of study as well as currency exchange rates. For a detailed and personalised proposal with full costs, please contact us.

BEST Chinese Language Schools


BEST Chinese School in Beijing


The BEST Chinese school in Beijing is located in the heart of Beijing's CBD next to one of the city's largest shopping malls where many big name fashion brands such as Armani, Burburry and Prada opened their first flagship store in China and 5 minutes taxi from the Beijing's premier nightspot - Sanlitun.

BEST Chinese School in Shanghai


The BEST Chinese school in Shanghai is in a skyscraper right next to People's Square behind the world-famous Nanjing Road shopping street and just a short walk away from the Shanghai Museum, Theatre, Art Gallery and the iconic Bund.

BEST Chinese Schools Across China


If you want to go off the beaten track in China and study Chinese outside of the main cities of Beijing and Shanghai then BEST has got you covered with schools in Suzhou, Guangzhou, HK and Chengdu as well as one-on-one tutors all across the country.

Enquire to find out more.

No matter which Chinese city you would like to go to, or what Chinese language program you are looking for, BEST can help find and tailor one just right for you.

Contact us for a proposal now, and begin learning Chinese with the BEST!



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