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Study French in France

BEST offers French language programs in some of the best French schools across France in Biarritz, BordeauxNice, and of course Paris. All schools have been recognised worldwide for their teaching standards, full-rounded and interactive curriculum, modern learning environment and quality accreditation . 

With a full range of French language programs for beginners to advanced learners, modern accommodation options - including the opportunity to live in a local homestay family, you can be sure you are getting the best French language learning experience you can find.... and remember you can combine your language study with an intern program too! *

The land of romance, France is one of the world's most famous and popular tourist destinations. Whether it be the wining and dining, the arts and culture or an appreciation of the modern and alternative; the French have every reason to be proud of their country; and as a former colonial power, the French language is spread throughout the world in Europe, Africa and the Pacific, learning French could open doors for you in both your professional AND love lives!

French Language Programs & Prices

Available for all French learners from total beginner to advanced, BEST's schools in France offer a range of group and private classes:

Standard French Course
20 lessons between Tuesday and Friday each week focusing on real-life French skills.
Tuition from $315 to $440 a week

Intensive French Course
The standard French program plus an additional 6-10 full immersion lessons a week; the ideal preparation before entering university in France or settling down there.
Tuition starting from $400 or $475 a week (for 6 or 10 additional lessons respectively)

Standard French Course + Cuisine/Wine
3 hours additional cooking classes each week, learning both culinary art and French in a natural, spontaneous setting from a chef. In Bordeaux, the couse is a similar set-up with wine the main focus (of course).
Tuition from $650 to $700 a week. Bordeaux's wine and cuisine courses are more again and subject to availability of places.

Long-Term French Language Courses
Study French full-time for 6 to 12 months.
Enquire for pricing

Other French Courses
Depending on the school, thre are many other exciting short-term courses tha can be taken seperately or in addition to the general French language programs. Some examples include: French & Fashion, French for Business, Teaching French as a Foreign Language, French & Tourism and more.
Enquire for pricing

Internships in France
Combine a French language program with an in-company work experience program.
(subject to meeting entry requirements)

Note: The tuition prices given on this website are in Australian dollars and may not include other minimal fees such as enrolment etc. The prices are approximate and subject to time and length of study as well as currency exchange rates. Some courses are not available in some cities. For a detailed and personalised proposal with full costs, please contact us

BEST French Language Schools

BEST French School in Biarritz


Information on the BEST French school in Biarritz is coming soon...

BEST French School in Bordeaux


Bordeaux is world-famous, not only for its wine and classic cuisine, but also for the city's heritage and culture. Taking advantage of its surroundings, the BEST French school in Bordeaux is located on the city's centre next to dozens of restaurants, cafes and terrace hang-outs. 

BEST French School in Nice


The BEST French school in Nice is just 10 minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea and if you continue following the Riviera a short way up, you will find yourself in Italy. As France's 5th largest city and its economic capital for the south, the city is a great place for a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle. 

BEST French School in Paris


Paris: the city of light, love and dreams. What can be said that hasn't already? Follow your heart, go to Paris and study the beautiful French language. Indulge in the heartland of French culture and lifestyle and realise everything you have ever wanted to.

No matter which French city you would like to go to, or what French language program you are looking for, BEST can help find and tailor one just right for you.

Contact us for a proposal nowand begin learning French with the BEST!




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