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Study German in Germany

BEST has partnered in Berlin and Munich with the best German language school in Germany; recognised worldwide for its teaching standards, full-rounded and interactive curriculum, modern learning environment and accredited quality. 

Each school arranges 3 to 4 cultural experiences each week for a full immersion German language learning environment and the chance to see many pubs, museums, galleries and festivals throughout the two cities and indeed the whole country.

With a full range of German language programs for beginners to advanced learners, modern accommodation options - including the opportunity to live in a local homestay family, you can be sure you are getting the best German language learning experience you can find.

No matter what you want, whether a fast-paced nightlife, a laid-back sunny day in a beer garden, visiting the charming countryside, seeing the impressive Alps or more, Germany has got it. So get yourself ready to bring out your German side and go study in Germany!


German Language Programs & Prices

Available for all learners of German from total beginner to advanced, some courses available include:

Standard German Language Course
20 lessons a week focusing on real-life German skills.
Tuition from $175 to $320 a week

Intensive German Course
Additional 5 lessons conversation class a week giving extra emphasis on communication in small groups of no more than 12.
Tuition from $200 to $380 a week

Standard German Course + Culture
Add on a specialist elective such as yoga, art or dance.
Enquire for latest costings

Specialist German Electives
Choose from intensive electives such as business German, German for musicians, German for university study and German pronunciation to complement your standard course.
Tuition approximately an additional $200 a week (double-time $400).

Private Tutoring
Dedicated 1-on-1 lessons allowing you to personalise your German study program.
Enquire for pricing

Note: The tuition prices given on this website are in Australian dollars and may not include other minimal fees such as enrolment etc. The prices are approximate and subject to time and length of study as well as currency exchange rates. For a detailed and personalised proposal with full costs, please contact us.


BEST German Language Schools

BEST German School in Berlin


The BEST German school in Berlin is right next to  “Friedrichstraße” and also close to the “Brandenburger Tor” in a quiet but central part of the city with excellent public transport. Berlin is enormously fulfilling as a culture-packed and jovial city full of cafes, bars and great people. 

BEST German School in Munich


The BEST German school in Munich is just a 3 minute walk from 'Marienplatz' - the city's central square ever since 1158 AD! Munich is a friendly and lively city situated at the foot of the Alps and experiencing its unique charm mixing together tradition and a receptivity towards modern life is truly not to be missed.

No matter which city in Germany you would like to go to, or what German language program you are looking for, BEST can help find and tailor one just right for you.

Contact us for a proposal nowand begin learning German with the BEST!



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