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Study Japanese in Japan

BEST has partnered in Fukuoka and Tokyo with the best Japanese schools in Japan; recognised worldwide for their teaching standards, full-rounded and interactive curriculum, modern learning environment and international quality standards accreditation. 

With a full range of Japanese language courses for beginners to advanced learners, modern accommodation options - including the opportunity to live in a local homestay family, you can be sure you are getting the best Japanese language learning experience you can find.... and remember you can combine your language study with an internship program too!*

The land of the rising sun; Japan is a high-tech marvel rich with the unique customs and culture of 100 generations. Prepare to change your world view, because after going to Japan and learning Japanese you can never be the same.


Japanese Language Programs & Prices

Available for all Japanese learners from total beginner to advanced, some courses available include:

Standard Japanese Language Course
20 hours a week focusing on real-life Japanese skills.
Tuition from $370 to $440 a week

Standard Japanese Course + Conversation
Additional 5 hours conversation class a week covering conversational topics like slang, dialects and modern Japanese.
Tuition from $475 to $550 a week

Standard Japanese Course + Traditional Culture
Additional 6 hours a week studying ceramics, tea ceremony, calligraphy and more with a specialist teacher as well as learning about Japanese customs, history and art.
Tuition from $475 to $550 a week

Standard Japanese Course + Pop Culture
Additional 5 hours a week learning modern Japanese through movies and TV shows with practice through role plays, writing own manga and more.
Tuition from $475 to $550 a week

Long-Term Student Visa Japanese Course
Study Japanese full-time for 1 year or more and get a student visa. Enquire about the study options.
Tuition from $250 a week

Volunteer Work Course in Japan
Combine a Japanese language program with a volunteer work experience program.
(subject to meeting entry requirements)

Note: The tuition prices given on this website are in Australian dollars and may not include other minimal fees such as enrolment etc. The prices are approximate and subject to time and length of study as well as currency exchange rates. For a detailed and personalised proposal with full costs, please contact us.

BEST Japanese Language Schools

BEST Japanese School in Fukuoka


The BEST Japanese school in Fukuoka is situated in the centre of Fukuoka City just 10 minutes away from the beach, international airport and many large parks. A city of 1.5 million people, Fukuoka is well known for its shopping, culture, cuisine and more relaxed lifestyle.

BEST Japanese School in Tokyo


The BEST Japanese school in Tokyo is on the grounds of the famous and tranquil Hanazono Shrine. Just outside though is the heart of Japan's urban metropolis in Shinjuku Station; the world's busiest train station, allowing you to travel to nearly anywhere in or outside of Tokyo! 

No matter which Japanese city you would like to go to, or what Japanese language program you are looking for, BEST can help find and tailor one just right for you.



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