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Study Russian in Russia

A former superpower and the world's largest country by land mass, Russia is once again beginning to grow its long-standing global influence.  The economy is expanding at a rapid rate and the sense of new opportunity is appearing across the land.

Russian is spoken by around 150 million native speakers and another 100+million as a second language throughout Russia and Eastern Europe. By learning Russian you can get a clear insight into the growth and re-modernisation of these regions, as well as gain a unique competitive edge for your career by learning the valuable lifelong skill of Russian.

BEST has partnered in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the best Russian school in Russia, recognised worldwide for its teaching standards, full-rounded and interactive curriculum, modern learning environment and accredited quality.

With a full range of Russian language programs for beginners to advanced learners, modern accommodation options - including the opportunity to live in a local homestay family, many excursion and day trip options as well as the chance to combine your language study with work experienceyou can be sure you are getting the best Russian language learning experience you can find.*


Russian Language Programs & Prices

Available for all Russian learners from total beginner to advanced, courses include:

Standard Russian Course
20 lessons of open group class a week focusing on communicative real-life Russian skills.

Intensive Russian Course
25 lessons of group class Russian a week made up of the Standard Russian course plus an additional 5 lessons a week covering general interest topics.

Business Russian / Russian Music / Russian Literature
Specialised modules taken in min-groups of max 4 students per class that can be added to your existing courses.

Private Tutoring & TRKI Exam Preparation
Dedicated 1-on-1 lessons allowing you to personalise your Russian language study or prepare for the TRKI Russian Competency Exam.

Academic Year-Long Course
Study Russian full-time for 6-12 months for the complete full-immersion learning experience.

Work Experience / Internship Program
Combine a Russian language program with a 1-6 month work experience program.
*subject to meeting entry requirements

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BEST Russian Language Schools

BEST Russian School in St. Petersburg

The BEST school in St. Petersburg is situated right in the cultural heart of the city near the Russian Museum and occupying a historic building that goes back to the 19th century. The surrounding neighbourhood includes a circus, 2 nice parks and a wide range of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants.

BEST Russian School in Moscow


The BEST school in Moscow is located in prime Moscow real estate in the central part of the city in a building that belongs to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is just a 5 minute walk from the Belorusskaya Railway Station, a subway station and also the terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw. 

No matter which city in Russia you would like to go to, or what Russian language program you are looking for, BEST can help find and tailor one just right for you.

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