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Why Choose Us?

So you have made the big decision to go overseas to study, work or learn a language. You can trust BEST to help you realise your plan because we give you:


There is so much to organise before going abroad for study or work. Visas, accommodation, searching for and reading up on in-country laws and arrival procedures, registration and payment of fees for language school enrolment or work experience placement. Throughout your application process, we will ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

BEST will help take the stress out of organising your trip and ensure you get what you need!


From the very first email or phone call we receive from you, to the pre-placement interview, to the program acceptance, through to the whole time you are overseas, we want to keep you informed with good advice and incredible service support. ​Our staff will respond to any problems within 48 hours. We have lived and worked overseas for a number of years and will ​help you get through any tough times to make sure your time is spent less on problems and more on things you want to do.


We have a personal relationship with the leadership and operation team of each of our partner language schools and internship placement providers.

All of our partner institutions undergo rigorous and consistent, independent quality control checks to ensure you will receive world-class service. As a proudly Australian company, the BEST team also aspires to very high standards and is committed to our BEST Values.



We offer our advisory services to you free of charge on behalf of our partner schools and so you don't have to pay any additional program fees. 

Contact us now for a free consultation, tell us your plans and we will work out together a personalised quote and proposal.




Your Enrolment Enquiry

Our enrolment and support services are provided for free. So what are you waiting for?
Talk to us for quotations, course proposals or any other information you need.